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Yearly Archives: 2008

Crappy Electronics Scam

When I returned home Tuesday evening after a nice trip to Norway with the family, I found an invoice which for an order I did not recognize nor could place. I got ‘hit’ by a ghost invoice, an invoice for services or goods not delivered and where the sender hopes … Read More

S(ilent)afari now S(ecure)afari?

More and more commercial companies (among them financial companies) are refusing to take orders from unsafe browsers for security purposes. It is a bit fuzzy what is considered an unsafe browser, but e.g. Paypal is refusing to take transactions from browsers that do not support Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer … Read More

Follow up: AMTSO Releases the first two documents

As earlier mentioned here, AMTSO has released the first two documents. Today the official Press Release and the official quotes from most of the participating vendors, testers, publishers and academics. The fact that these documents are the result of a combined effort of the industry and its testers, all to … Read More

AMTSO Releases the first two documents

After two days of discussing and crafting, the members if the Anti Malware Testing Standards Organization, or in short AMTSO, have approved of the first two documents, being the “AMTSO Fundamental Principles of Testing” and the “AMTSO Best Practices for Dynamic Testing”. Having all Anti-Virus Vendors, Anti-Virus Testers and Academics … Read More

(A)Live MSN Phishing

It’s not often that you encounter a live phishing attempt while talking to people on the telephone at the same time. Normally the distraction of the telephonecall is the perfect social engineering distraction. Earlier today I was briefing a Norwegian colleague over the telephone. While we were talking, he received … Read More

WPA2 Encryption Hacked Using GPU Acceleration

According to their own news section, the Russian company Elcomsoft has broken the WPA/WPA2 protection for Wi-Fi networks using the mathematical powers of the graphical CPU on the videocard (GPU), which is nowadays much more powerful than the CPU of the computers when it comes to (the speed of) calculations. … Read More

DARPA Announced the Gandalf Program

It was in 1957 that the Russians launched Sputnik 1, the world’s first satellite, which prompted the United States to set up the Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA). Today’s internet began life as an ARPA project to maintain communication in the event of a nuclear attack. ARPANET, the world’s first … Read More


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