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Yearly Archives: 2009

October: Cybersecurity Awareness Month

For some years the United States of America has held October as National Cybersecurity Awareness month. Since 2007 this month has also been recognized by Canada in a similar way. This is a good initiative! Lack of awareness of potential issues regarding security in cyberspace is one of the main … Read More

A New Web Site for Norman

Today, 25th May, Norman is pleased to announce its new web site. Any surfer that has visited our web previously will already have noticed major changes. During several months personnel from different departments in Norman have been working on a complete new web with new navigation structure as well as … Read More


W32/Virut.CM – Observations

Recently a new Virus variant surfaced which we at Norman call W32/Virut.CM, but what’s in a name. This Virut variant is a polymorphic file infecting Virus, approximately 20Kb long, that aggressively infects most executable and screen saver files on the system. In addition to infecting executables, W32/Virut.CM will also infect … Read More


Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization to Start Analysis of Anti-Malware Reviews

The Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) had another Membersmeeting on May 4 and May 5 2009 In Budapest, Hungary. At this meeting, 3 standard documents were finished and adopted. One of them is pretty unique as it is covering means to provide public analysis of anti-malware reviews where testing methodology … Read More

Notification of Bequest and Selling (Penis) Sheaths

I can already hear the thoughts: “Notification of Bequest and Selling Sheaths??? How did these two come together? It is the “Notification of Bequest” that got your attention, right? Earlier this month I received yet another e-mail that I am entitled to several million dollars again. By now I just … Read More

The “Domain Name Scam” Continues…

Last month I involved myself in a Domain Name Scam, where eventually the scammers apologized to me after I played along. You can read all about this in a 4 part blog, here (part 1), here (part 2), here (part 3) and here (part 4). You would assume that after … Read More

Domain Name Scam – Part IV

Yes, you guessed it right… “Bela” continues… To get up to speed on this story-line, it is highly suggested to read the first three parts: Domain Name Scam – Part I Domain Name Scam – Part II Domain Name Scam – Part III You can find the new message that … Read More

Domain Name Scam – Part III

Amzazingly I received yet another attempt from this fraudulent registrar. In case you wonder what this is all about, before reading on, please read: Domain Name Scam – Part I and Domain Name Scam – Part II. That should make it easier to follow this Part III, where I again … Read More

Domain Name Scam – Part II

Indeed, to be continued. We just received the next message from the illuster “Bela”… “Dear Righard Zwienenberg, I am sorry.We can not give details to you. We should keep secret for customer. Just like that we can not give third party your certificate and other details. We only can give … Read More

Domain Name Scam

Scammers are finding new ways time after time to get money from innocent people under the principle “there’s new sucker born every minute”. Every time they find new victims that buy their stories and give the scammers the financial motivation to continue finding new victims. On 11 March we received … Read More

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