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Yearly Archives: 2010

Good or Bad: EU Government Wants to Prohibit Others to Read Your Electronic Communication

When you put a letter in an envelope, close it and put it in a mailbox, you assume that the postal service will deliver the letter without opening and reading it. The content of letters in transport is protected in many countries around the world. And we all think this … Read More

Being Spray-spammed!!!

Spam has been around for a long time and will be around. I don’t think a definition of spam is required here. Everyone has seen spam in their inbox. Nevertheless I am talking about a different kind of spam. An online version of spam we call spra-spam. Whenever any of … Read More


Shocking Footage of the Stockholm Terrorist Bomb Attack

If you got here because you are a regular follower of the Norman Blogs, Norman Security Advisories or any of the Norman Social Networking Links, of course you are not to blame. It is sensible to stay educated. If you got here otherwise as you are a sensationalist, boy-oh-boy… You … Read More

Updated Firmware Available… Oh Yes, Forgot to Mention this: with a Build in Backdoor!

Hacker Atul Alex from India, created a backdoor in a modified version of the firmware for Symbian 60 Version 5 smartphones. When users update the firmware in their smartphone with this “updated” firmware, the backdoor makes it possible to take full control of the smartphone. More details about the possibilities … Read More

Data Leakage… Data Leakage Prevention…

More and more frequently we hear about (sensitive) data that is leaked into the public. No, this is not another story about WikiLeaks where the documents were consciously and willingly leaked by Bradley Manning. No, this is Data Leakage by accident, by sloppiness or even better by stupidity if you … Read More

Who is Hacking the Hackers?

In an interesting article in the “The Times of India” it reads that Pakistani hackers, calling themselves “Pakistani Cyber Army”, revenged themselves defacing the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) website. This was a revenge as last week some 30+ Pakistani Government websites were hacked by a group calling themselves “Indian … Read More

?!? Paypal’s Advise: “Use your bank account for your Paypal-payments”. Really ?!?

I have been a user of Paypal for many years, actually ever since Paypal opened its services for international users. Paypal, originally only for US citizens, is now used worldwide with local offices in many countries. From the Dutch affiliate, I just received the next message from Paypal (the actual … Read More


Super Virus a Target For Cyber Terrorists

Stuxnet is keeping the people busy. Even after we know so much of it already, gets a new angle: it has been sold on the black market in the UK, according to the Sky News. Of course people buying malware is hardly news, but a piece of malware with the … Read More

Norman and the Taurus Project: How to use Information and Take those Botnets Down!!!

The Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU), a cyber-division of the police (KLPD), in a presentation at the GOVCERT.NL Symposium, today recognized Norman ASA’s forensic contributions in assisting multinational police agencies in monitoring and disabling large, multinational cybercrime botnets. The Taurus Botnet Monitoring project coordinated by the government agencies … Read More

Hidden Second Wi-Fi Network with the Thomson TWG870U Router

There is some commotion in The Netherlands. Telecom/ISP provider UPC is providing its customers with the Thomson TWG870U router, a Docsis 3.0 router. On the forum (dutch langauge), a user discovered that the router, which is also providing Wireless Access, has a second hidden wireless network. Problem here is … Read More

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