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Facebook Wants to Display Your Life as a Timeline

Facebook is always in the news, whether it is from changes to their layout to changes to their privacy policy. Recent announcements include a new profile design, streaming music service, and headline news feed partnerships. Let’s take a look at the first.

Facebook announced their new Facebook Timeline which I implemented on my own profile (if you are a “developer” you can add it prerelease.)

First thing is it’s striking layout change. Wow! The timeline starts out with my birth so now Facebook I can document my entire life – no more need for a journal.

The status update gives you the standard status, photos and places but now they have added life events.

You rollover the icons to see what type of event you want to add and by clicking you get some additional options. Let’s choose this Health and Wellness event because that seems to be the last thing many would like to share.

Broke a Bone doesn’t seem to bad to share, Had a Surgery… depends, but Overcame an Illness – not so sure I want to share that.

After you select the event, you get the options you’d expect to add it to your timeline: illness, date, supporters, story and photos. At the bottom of the menu is of course the privacy settings.

This will be available for personal, celebrity and business profiles and I suspect many will go back and fill in past life events – just make sure you are okay with those being “public” even if you set the privacy settings.

Of course change is hard to accept for many but it seems if you give people a week they forget about their previous grumblings. What do you think of these new Facebook changes – do you even use Facebook?

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One Response to Facebook Wants to Display Your Life as a Timeline

  1. Jennifer says:

    What an utterly bizarre invention? Why would anyone want to catalog their childhood diseases and milestones for millions of strangers on the net?

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