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Ford goes open source – may result in 2 ton bricks

Ford is making a lot of noise lately with their cloud connected concept cars. Just the other day, they added to that noise with a press release announcing their partnership with Bug Labs.

“joint development project to research, develop and distribute open-source developer tools to advance in-car connectivity innovation”

They are calling this OpenXC which consists of open-source hardware and software turning your future car into a “plug-and-play platform where interchangeable open-source hardware and software modules can be quickly and easily customized.” Yes, these apps will be available through an app store. Sound familiar?

Like current mobile-app marketplaces, they will have authorized developers and approved apps. But as we all know with any software, there will be those that develop “cool things” that are not available in those authorized marketplaces.

What is an app lover supposed to do?

Currently, both open-source and proprietary mobile phone platforms can be “rooted” or “jailbroken”. Android being open-source has seen a few exploitative apps slip through to Android Market and while iOS also has exploits, they are primarily targeted to those that jailbreak their phones.

Besides getting an infection, the other risk one takes is “bricking” their phone making it as useful as a paperweight. With that, I can imagine people turning their cars into 2 ton bricks.

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