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What Does Malware Look Like?

It’s time to celebrate New Year and what would be a better way to welcome 2012 than fireworks!

To celebrate the New Year we’re sharing these amazing images we’ve created based on data collected by our Malware Analyzer G2. (A special thanks to Jonathan Camp from our Malware Detection Team for helping me put together this photo gallery!) Malware Analyzer Generation 2, or MAG2 as we call it, is industry-leading tools for malware research – I know it sounds and certainly is pretty cool, but maybe a bit too heavy for your home PC.

What you see in each image is not fireworks: it’s malware samples. Each point is one malware sample. The colors are random, but illustrate malware grouping. Lines between the malware groups indicate similar malware families.  In other words, it’s like a malware family tree.

(Click on small images below to see the images in bigger size)

Now let’s hope the number of malware doesn’t explode like a rocket next year…!

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6 Responses to What Does Malware Look Like?

  1. Caroline E says:

    Very cool pics!! And informative!

  2. Wayne Waters says:

    It looks like a nasty bacteria,the kind that makes one sick. How appropriate.

  3. FENIGER says:

    to be honnest, I don’t think your pictures answer my curiosity when it comes to malware. Because I cannot relate to “nasty bacteria” or “nasty code”.

    I think the appropriate tool is the equivalent of a thermometer, a metering tool, and a relation to my computer catching “fever”. In fact you could then developp a complete “meteorological” station and images of storms, tsunamis or tornados, rather than references to biology

  4. Danilo says:

    Picasso or Dali
    regards from Zurich Switzerland

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