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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Windows 8’s Killer Feature: The Killswitch

If you knew Microsoft could remotely remove software from your computer, would you feel safer or more concerned? Inside Microsoft’s new Windows 8 Metro operating system, a “killswitch” could do just that. The killswitch is an increasingly popular piece of technology that allows companies to remotely remove software from your … Read More

Information is Power

You may have heard the saying, “Information is power.” This is especially true when it comes to securing your network. When your network is breached, the attacker has information about your network that you do not. The attacker is aware of some vulnerability or flaw that allows them to gain … Read More

Why You Should Use A Random PIN

There’s safety in numbers – but only if your PIN isn’t your birthday or one of 100 commonly used examples. In fact, according to research by Cambridge University, using your birthday means that there’s an 8.9% chance a stranger could guess your PIN in three attempts. This means that if … Read More

Top Five Tips To Keep Your Computer Secure

If your house was like your computer, it wouldn’t come with locks and you could be burgled from thousands of miles away. Obviously, you’d secure your castle before moving in – so why don’t we do the same for computers? Here are our top five computer security tips that’ll help … Read More

Spear-Phishing: Spam Gets Personal

We’ve spoke about “phishing” – a malicious attempt to steal your personal details – on here before. But have you heard about “spear-phishing”? It’s an e-mail technique that makes spam personal. Traditional phishing methods work on volume. By spamming hundreds of thousands of people with phishing e-mails, a tiny percentage … Read More

How to Erase Your iPhone/Android/Blackberry/Windows Smartphone

Everyone loves a new mobile phone. And most people like to do something with their old cell – sell it, give it to a family member or recycle it. One thing that might stop you from passing your handset on, however, is not knowing how to delete your private data. … Read More

Google Wallet Security Fails PIN Test

Two costly security holes were discovered in Google Wallet last week; flaws that allowed thieves in possession of your mobile to steal your money by resetting your Google Wallet PIN. Google Wallet is a mobile payment app on Android devices that uses NFC – near-field communication – to make short-distance … Read More

Have your accounts been compromised? There’s a simple way to find out

‘NO’ is an answer most of us don’t, in most cases, want to hear. Except when the question is: Has your email account been compromised? Several big data breaches have made the headlines during the last few years. From an individual’s perspective it doesn’t matter if the data breach was … Read More

Save Your Internet: DNSChanger Trojan Switch-Off Issues

The FBI is expecting a worldwide internet blackout on March 8th, the date that the USA’s top investigators turn off servers running the trojan DNSChanger. Don’t worry, however, because it only takes one-click to see if you’ll be affected. The DNSChanger malware, which peaked at nearly one million worldwide infections … Read More

How To Ensure The Online Safety Of Your Children

From teaching them how to cross the road to talking about sex, we take big precautions to protect our children from the dangers of the real world. But what about the virtual one? If us adults need to be reminded to keep our online security up-to-date, how are our children … Read More


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