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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Hackers Plan to Take Internet Offline on Saturday

We’d better hope the weather is good on the weekend, as hacking collective Anonymous has plans to shut down the internet on Saturday the 31st March. Every. Single. Website. (And yes – that’s tomorrow.) In what would be the most audacious hack ever (I can’t think of a bigger possible … Read More

Behind the Scenes: FAQ with Security Superheroes, Part 1

The great thing about working at Norman is that you get access to some of the best computer security minds in the business. Of course, that’s only if they’re not too busy saving the world from malware and ensuring Norman’s customers are always protected against the latest (and cheekiest) security … Read More

Fake LinkedIn SPAM Emails Hide Trojan Horse

“Watch Out for SPAM LinkedIn Emails” We’ve said it again and again, but to emphasise the point: never click-through a link sent to you in an unsolicited email. Now it’s LinkedIn that the spammers have been impersonating, with an email that could lead you to a very nasty trojan infection. … Read More

New Malware Type, Old Security Threat

Fileless Malware Installs Trojans Without Downloading We’re all aware that viruses install themselves on our computers and then do something malicious. Now, however, researchers have discovered a virus that doesn’t install – a fileless malware. So what does this mean for computer security? Fileless malware is pretty unique, and if … Read More

Patch Tuesday Problems – When 30 Days Was In Fact 2

We recently wrote about Microsoft’s March Patch Tuesday. This month, the company’s monthly patch cycle was relatively mild, addressing six issues in total, but only a single critical vulnerability – a flaw that allowed an attacker to execute any code they desired remotely without authentication. According to the security bulletin, … Read More

Changes in Data Protection Privacy Laws May Raise the Stakes on Data Breaches

Technology advances in storage and computing models (e.g. cloud) have made it possible for modern companies to save massive amounts of data about their customers and partners. These increasingly large stores of information can provide insights that improve marketing efforts, help refine product offerings or even enable completely new service/product … Read More

Don’t ignore this advice: Update your Windows now

Normally we bloggers take a relaxed approach to informing people about security threats. After all, if we gossip about too many end-of-the-world computer scenarios, we could start to sound a little like the Mayans (and we all know what happened to them!) Besides, the very worst  thing that could happen … Read More

Poor Security Made Porn Site Hack Child’s Play

If there has ever been a RBD (Really Bad Day), that’s exactly what Monday was for internet pornography subscribers, as the world’s fifth-largest adult site Digital Playground  suffered a huge hack-attack. The erotic website fell victim to a group called The Consortium, who hit the jackpot in hacking terms: they … Read More

Patch Tuesday Targets Critical Windows Bug

Yesterday it was time for Microsoft’s monthly ritual, Patch Tuesday, when Microsoft released  a regularly scheduled batch of security fixes. This month’s list of fixes is unusually mild –six bulletins that fix six vulnerabilities and Microsoft only classifies one as critical. Although March’s Patch Tuesday is light, the addition of … Read More

Lulzsec Arrests, Leader Sabu FBI Informant, Anonymous Retaliates

I’m a little worried that I sound like I’m writing a 90’s movie plot, but I’ll try to sum-up the latest development in the on-going LulzSec vs. Copyright, Security Firms and FBI conflict without adding tacky special effects: First, LulzSec hacked security firms, the entertainment industry and probably some other … Read More


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