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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Four Doomsday Scenarios for Internet-Enabled Toasters

More devices than ever before are plugging into the internet, connecting to a world of knowledge and a web of new functionality. But while this will be great for synchronizing your toaster with your alarm clock, what about the added problems? We’re already seeing potential security flaws in Internet TVs, … Read More

Unfriending Social Media Security Threats

Social media has transcended its origins as a tool for personal networking and social diversion; its use is now pervasive at work as well. While many individuals actively use social media at work, increasingly businesses leverage social media to increase brand awareness, share information and better understand consumer sentiment. The … Read More


Malware Learns to Avoid Web-Based Anti-Virus

You may not have noticed, but Google actually scans websites for potential malware and alerts visitors if it has found any. If you’re unlucky enough to click a malware-ridden link from Google’s search engine (or inside Chrome), you should be greeted with a screen like this one. It basically tells … Read More

April 2012 Patch Tuesday Addresses Critical Issues in Popular Microsoft Products

Right on schedule, Microsoft has released its monthly batch of security updates. The April update includes six bulletins, four of which Microsoft categorizes as critical. Microsoft rates the remaining two bulletins as important. In total, the six bulletins resolve eleven vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, .Net Framework, Office, SQL Server … Read More

Buyer Purchasing Car with PayPal Scam

Selling a car is not the easiest thing to do, especially trying to get the price you want. With websites to buy and sell cars the standard these days, it is always nice to get immediate interest and best when you get a buyer within a few days of posting. … Read More

Why You Need to Upgrade From Windows XP Before Support Stops

The world’s longest-ever supported operating system, Windows XP, has been set a retirement date: April 8, 2014. That doesn’t mean all Windows XP (did you know XP stands for Experience?) will stop working from that day onwards, but it does mean that newly discovered security holes will not be patched … Read More

Many Mid-Size European Businesses Face Security Challenges

Mid-Sized European Businesses Not Meeting the Challenge of Data Security Many mid-sized businesses may believe that they are too small for attackers to target, but this assumption is far from valid. Any organization that stores information – whether it’s customer records, product data or trade secrets – are at risk … Read More


Global Malware Infections Fall in March

Anyone who read our article last month will know that our Malware Cleaner found infections on 43.9% of computers it scanned in February. That number fell in March to 39.6%, with some interesting movements in the most-infected and least-infected countries. Top Ten Lowest Infection Rates  Singapore ▲ (7)  Norway (2) … Read More

Apple Trojan Infects 600,000: Find Out If You’re Infected Here

Trouble in Appe Garden. The news that Apple Mac computers have finally fallen victim to a massive malware attack gives me mixed emotions. It’s certainly an interesting topic for a security blogger, but it’s also terrible, because I have a MacBook and I don’t have any security provisions for it. … Read More


Behind the Scenes: FAQ with Security Researchers Part 2

Security researchers reveal how they ensure good security at home and on the road. Last week I spoke to Snorre Fagerland and Jonathan Camp, Security Researchers from Norman’s Super Awesome Virus-Busting Squad (my name, not theirs). This week we’re publishing part two, with questions on how they ensure good security … Read More


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