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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Facebook Security and Privacy Tips …from Facebook!

When we’re not cracking hacker networks and chasing cyber-villains through the tunnels of the Internet, we like to give advice about how you stay safe online (and sometimes we bake cakes). It requires a lot of research, so we really appreciate that Facebook has a page dedicated to security on … Read More

Trolls have followed humans into the digital world

When we think of trolls, most of us think of legendary creatures that spend most of their lives in the shadows of small, country bridges, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims. Unfortunately, trolls have followed humans into the digital world, lurking on websites and social networks to wait for their … Read More

Surf Safer on Public Wi-Fi with These Three Tips

I love Wi-Fi. The thirteen year-old wireless technology is far more reliable than 3G, which has proven to be as temperamental as a real-life ten year-old. And the newborn LTE (the next stage of 3G) is still throwing its toys out of the pram and bawling about licensing deals in … Read More

German Over 55 who Travel Have Strongest Passwords

We are all helping our parents to sort out computer stuff. My mom thinks I’m a technical genius, just because I was born in the eighties. Youngsters tend to make jokes about older people and computers, but we shouldn’t be too self-assured. 55 year-olds are better than anyone else in … Read More

Is Your SCADA Security All Grown Up?

Use of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems has grown dramatically in the last few years. In fact, analysts predict there will be double-digit growth in the SCADA market for the next five years. Although SCADA systems now control everything from office temperature to railways and nuclear power plants, … Read More

Google Goes Bad with Street View Data Mining

We’re a bit worried that Google – whose motto is “Don’t be Evil” – may have forgotten what that actually means. You see, driving around and recording people’s Wi-Fi data is, if not evil, then at least suitably bad. Do you remember those cute Google cars that circulated the globe … Read More

Justin Bieber Naked: The Modern Malware

A few years ago parents of teenage girls only had to worry about school grades and schoolboys. In the internet age, it’s digital threats, not boyfriends, which can follow an adolescent into her bedroom. And this week, it’s Justin Bieber who’s causing the problem. It’s not his catchy tunes or … Read More


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