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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Tips to keep safe from hackers this summer

While the summer weather cannot be guaranteed, one thing can be is summer criminals. When people fall into that relaxed summer mode, it causes an incredible multiplication in everything from car thieves to computer hackers. Stealing cars and hacking computers aren’t so far apart nowadays, as criminals are increasingly using … Read More

Uncoventional security tips

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about typical security practices: strong passwords and good antivirus. IT security may not strike you as something that spawns creativity, but as threats and hackers are finding new ways, they force us to think outside the box. USB safety Take all of your … Read More

Week 26 – Facebook’s week of evil

It’s not often that a company manages two significant privacy invasions in a week, but if any company were going to do it, Murphy’s Law would ensure that it was 900-million member Facebook. We’re calling it a “week of evil”, but it would also be fair to label it “the … Read More

You are your biggest security threat

Some of us blame teenage hackers, while our governments glance accusingly at China. But according to the latest data from Google’s SafeBrowsing service, we’re actually our own biggest security threat. Here’s the reason: According to data the company gathered over the past five years, the number of sites hosting malware … Read More


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