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Monthly Archives: August 2012

How to Turn Off Java to Save Your Computer


Java is a software platform that, even if you’ve never heard of it, you’ve probably still used it on your computer, Mac or Windows. It’s installed on nearly every system out there, so you might be upset to learn that there is a very real threat for computers with it … Read More


iPhone Text Message Dangers & What PC Users Can Learn

With smartphones getting more and more advanced, it’s surprising to see that the iPhone has succumbed to an issue with one of the oldest mobile technologies: SMS (text) messaging. And it’s an issue that could cost you your savings. When text messages are sent they contain information regarding both the … Read More

Back to School: Computer Security to Teach your Children

It’s back-to-school time, and while many parents will be worrying about stationary and uniform, there’s one aspect of school life we shouldn’t forget to brief our children about: computer safety. Most parents are well-aware that children can scuff their shoes and lose their pencils, but they’re not prepared for the … Read More

World of Warcraft Hacked! What This Means to You

I’m sure most of us don’t play World or Warcraft. But even though we don’t take part in the internet’s most famous game (which boasted an incredible 12 million active players at its peak), its recent hacking should make us all a bit wary. Why? Well, last week Blizzard admitted … Read More

The Dangers of Trusting the Cloud

“The Cloud” is an umbrella term for where your data is stored on the internet. Emails, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes Online – they’re all part of the cloud, waiting to reveal your secrets to those with the correct password. But is a storm coming to The Cloud? A Victim of Over-Clouding? … Read More

Good Deals Can Cost You Computer Security: ‘Groupon’ Spam

Everyone loves a good deal – that’s why Groupon, KGB Deals, Living Social and hundreds of other deal sites have appeared around the web. Unfortunately, if you’re careless with your email, those savings could cost you your computer security. A criminal has started using Groupon’s name to mass-mail internet users … Read More

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Staying Safe during the Summer Games

Planning the Olympic Games was a massive undertaking. The organizers rebuilt East London, gathered athletes from around the world and even persuaded the sun to shine. So it should come as no surprise that the IOC and Sebastian Coe have prepared their own resources to help people stay safe online. … Read More


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