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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Stop Using Internet Explorer (for now)

Internet Explorer

We love the internet, which is why we’re adamant that you should be safe when you surf. That’s why I’m urging people viewing this page on Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9 (which will probably be around 40% of you) to switch to a different browser right now. And if … Read More

Getting Rid of Your Old Computer


Getting a new computer is great – everything is so much faster and easier to do. But what happens to your old PC? Keeping it in a box under the stairs until it becomes even more out-of-date isn’t going to help anyone. The better options – sell it, donate it, … Read More

What Video Game Guild Wars 2 Tells Us About Hacking


I originally thought there wasn’t much a video game – especially one set in a medieval fantasy world – could teach me much about internet security and hacking. In fact, I learned just how much data hackers have on us, and why we all need to be more careful. ¬†As … Read More


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