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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Malware in the Watering Hole

Just when we’re getting accustomed to the terms malware, phishing and DDoS, someone, somewhere creates an even more obscure internet security term: the “watering hole”. But what does it mean – and how big a threat is it? On the web, a “watering hole” has the same meaning as in … Read More

Your Browser’s Giving Away Your Password


We trust internet browsers with our entire online lives, from pictures to personal banking. But did you know that there is a very easy way for anyone using your computer to access your passwords? If you’ve ever clicked “save password” when you enter your details into a website, your browser … Read More

Keeping your PC or Mac Up-to-Date

Despite the huge safety benefits, a lot of computer users don’t keep their computers up-to-date. But why do we (I’ll admit, sometimes I skip updates too!) fall into this trap? I think it as similar to taking out the garbage. I know I should do it but sometimes I wait … Read More


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