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Global Malware Infections Fall in March

Anyone who read our article last month will know that our Malware Cleaner found infections on 43.9% of computers it scanned in February. That number fell in March to 39.6%, with some interesting movements in the most-infected and least-infected countries.

Top Ten Lowest Infection Rates

  1.  Singapore ▲ (7)
  2.  Norway (2)
  3.  South Africa ▲ (new)
  4.  Sweden ▼ (3)
  5.  Finland ▼ (1)
  6.  Denmark ▼ (5)
  7.  Austria ▲ (new)
  8.  Netherlands ▲(9)
  9.  Switzerland ▲ (new)
  10.  Latvia ▲ (new)

As you can see, six of the previous top-ten countries are still in that prestigious chart – Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands and a much-improved Singapore. The far eastern country cut infections by twice the average change for March, dropping from 30.1% to just 22.5%.

Singapore’s massive improvement may knocked the other countries down the chart, but the others have actually reduced the number of infections. Norway went from 25.3% to 24.2%, Sweden from 26.8% to 25.9% and Denmark from 27.7% to 27%. The previous leader Finland increased slightly – from 24.3% to 26.3%.

Some of the stranger entries from last month’s chart have all dropped back out the list: Myanmar from 29.5% to 31.6%, Sudan (31% to 33.3%) and Lebanon (31.7 % to 40%).

It’s interesting to see that only two of the top ten come from non-EU countries.

Top Ten Highest Infection Rates

  1. South Korea ▲ (2)
  2. Bulgaria ▲ (new)
  3. Argentina ▲ (6)
  4. Algeria ▲ (10)
  5. Turkey ▲ (new)
  6. Thailand ▲ (7)
  7. Lithuania ▲
  8. Serbia ▲
  9. India ▲
  10. Indonesia ▼ (5)

March brings bad news for South Korea – infection rates climbed from an already high 63.4% to 66.3%, making the Asian nation the most-infected country in our data. Bulgaria has also climbed onto the list, jumping from 49% to 56.7%.

Last month’s leader Albania still has a high infection rate, although we’re not comfortable using that data as the sample size was too small (we always ignore small sample sizes).

Pakistan reported the biggest change since last month, cutting its infection rate from 50.2% to 30.7%. Bulgaria had the biggest increase – from 49.1% to 56.7%.

So that’s it – there are new leaders for both the least- and most-infected charts. Remember, all data shared with Norman through our software goes both into providing a better service and allows us to present information like this.

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