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Global Malware Rates – Is Your Country Among The Safest Or Most Infected?

Did you know that – according to our malware statistics – you’re less likely to have malware on your computer if you come from a European country? And – just like in most worldwide polls – it’s a Scandinavian nation that comes out on top.

Data from our Malware Cleaner* shows that Finland has the lowest rate of infection in the world, with 24.31% of scanned computers containing a malware, such as a virus, spyware or trojan. To me, that’s shocking! Even in the best-protected country, a quarter of computers are infected?!

Norway, Sweden, Denmark – and rather strangely – Puerto Rico make up the rest of the Top 5, with rates between 25 – 28%. A further six European countries sit in the top 15, making it the safest continent in the world with 10 of the 15 lowest infection rates (those countries are Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, Liechtenstein and Iceland).

From outside the EU, along with Puerto Rico, Myanmar is another surprise entry, with Singapore, Sudan and Lebanon all in the top-ten at around 30% of systems infected. Scary.

Top Ten Lowest Infection Rates

  1. Finland
  2. Norway
  3. Sweden
  4. Puerto Rico
  5. Denmark
  6. Myanmar
  7. Singapore
  8. Sudan
  9. Netherlands
  10. Lebanon

At the other end of the scale, Albania is the most-infected nation, with 65% of scanned computers reporting infections.

In fact, travellers, should beware: there are 13 countries in which you’re more likely to use a computer with malware (over 50% infected) than not: South Korea, Guatemala, Vietnam, Indonesia, Argentina, Thailand, Georgia, the Philippines, Algeria, Venezuela, Lithuania and Pakistan.

Top Ten Highest Infection Rates

  1. Albania
  2. South Korea
  3. Guatemala
  4. Vietnam
  5. Indonesia
  6.  Argentina
  7.  Thailand
  8. Georgia
  9. Philippines
  10. Algeria

Security firms such as Norman are constantly adding to their databases of known malware, which improves their ability to detect the bad guys. For example, since January this year, Norman has increase its database size by five million to a total of 50 million known types of virus. That’s huge!

Please note that we removed countries from our data that had very few scan results, such as Niger, which would have provided us with big sweeping statements like, “Niger has a 0% Infection Rating!” but would have been undoubtedly untrue.

*The Norman Malware Cleaner is a free tool anyone can use to scan and clean their computer – even if you’re worried about your privacy. We take your privacy seriously, so that you can feel safe whilst using our products.

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4 Responses to Global Malware Rates – Is Your Country Among The Safest Or Most Infected?

  1. Caroline E says:

    Interesting info!! Thank you very much Norman! =)

  2. Tom peli says:

    Please learn to understand statistics. Even according to your own words, a quarter of Finnish computers that

    1) have been scanned by Norman malware and
    2) whose users have allowed the data to be sent to Norman

    are infected.

    And as you do not give us the raw data, we have no means to determine if there are other flaes in your analysis.

  3. David says:

    Thanks Norman – useful information!

    Tom – yes, according to her own words – which means she has informed us of that caveat. I can see why it would be a complaint if she hadn’t told us???

    I think it is obvious she is extrapolating Norman’s data outwards – no-one is assuming that Norman has scanned every computer in the world (crazy).

  4. John says:

    Dear Norman,

    Can you please explain in a few words how did u got this statistics out. sincerely i belive that what u are saying is more than true but we need some hints to understand how we can make it better.

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