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Keep Your Children Entertained Online this Holiday Season

It’s great to have the family together for the holidays, but sometimes it can all get a bit too much. Cooking the turkey, wrapping a thousand presents and hiding the whiskey from your uncle can all be a bit stressful, and that’s without the difficulties that children on school holidays provided.

Luckily, we’ve put together this list of great online games for the kids to get stuck into (before they tuck into their dinner). Best of all, none of these sites has (at the time of writing) any malware infections or adult content, so you know that the little angels will be having fun whilst keeping safe:

Snow Fight –

What is more thoughtful than throwing snowballs in strangers’ faces? Go head-to-head with players from all round the world on a website polite enough to tell you they’re saving cookies on your computer.


Frustratingly addictive, maddeningly competitive and beautifully made. Winterbells doesn’t even have adverts – you and your children can play completely undisturbed and for free. You play a rabbit that must continue to jump upwards, bouncing off bells to gain height. It sounds terrible, but it is actually one of the best, least-known Christmas games around.

Snowball Fight Maths

If you like your children’s games a little more cerebral, this game uses the guise of a snowball fight to help your children learn multiplication – smart idea! The sums are relatively simple, however; so don’t expect older teenagers to find it a challenge.

Snow Line

If the last game teaches your young ones maths, this one (and the one after) is perfect for physics education. Draw a line for Santa’s sleigh to follow, while collecting presents on the way. Harder than it first seems!


From a fun snowboarding adventure to frustratingly devious levels, iStunt2 sees you control a crazy snowboarder in what can only be descried as Sonic the Hedgehog-style levels. Be careful to land board-side down, otherwise you have to start again.

Anyway, that’s just a small sample of the fun internet games you can play this holiday season. If you go looking for more, just remember: only visit trusted websites and never, ever download anything you’re not sure about. Happy Holidays!


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