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CryptoLocker virus, how can you protect your business?

Kristian Bognaes

Kristian A. Bognaes, Director, Norman Safeground Development Center

The ‘CryptoLocker’ virus is an example of ransomware that is currently receiving a lot of attention. Employing AES encryption with a 2048-bit key, the encryption is much too strong for anyone to be able to decrypt encrypted files without access to the right key. Users risk infection by opening unknown email attachments or by unknowingly already having a certain botnet client on the system.

What can you do?

We do not recommend paying the ransom. This will reinforce ransomware as a viable business model for the perpetrators, and will add to the problem in the long run. The most effective action against this kind of malware is to make sure you are not infected in the first place. Reduce the risk by:

  • Run updated anti-virus software and keep your OS and software updated
  • Do not open mail and attachments from unknown sources
  • Use a good firewall
  • Maintain a current backup with revision history of all your valuable files

For all practical purposes, having files encrypted by ransomware should be regarded as a total loss of the system. The good news is that sensible precautions and backup routines will help you be prepared for such an event and have you back up and running again without too much trouble.


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