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Are you at risk from new “Facebook Password Finder” tool?

I was young enough to be in secondary school when the craze of sneaking into people’s online accounts first became popular. Back then it was a user’s Hotmail account that others would try to gain illegitimate access to, typically by answering a poorly chosen secret question assigned to the account.

Many years later, the thrill of seeing inside other people’s private accounts still exists – particularly amongst high school-aged children – but the information we store online on sites like Facebook is typically more personal than it was back in 1999.

It’s this desire to spy into other people’s lives which draws people to the new “Facebook Password Finder” software, which claims to let users steal other people’s Facebook passwords, appeals to. Before we discuss the tool much further, however, I’m going to make a very important point:

No software exists that lets you steal other people’s Facebook passwords.

Any tool that claims to do the above is lying to try to tempt you to download it. We can be sure of this for two key reasons:

If a tool like the Facebook Password Finder worked, that security flaw would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the right people. Therefore no criminal would give it away for free online. Not to mention that governments would also be vying to buy the program, which could send the costs spiraling.

And from Facebook’s perspective, any security flaw that allowed a program to steal passwords would need to be fixed as soon as possible, rending the software useless in a matter of hours. After all, Facebook cannot allow users’ passwords to be stolen, or the public would turn away from the service for being insecure.

So why create a fake Facebook Finder tool?

People create fake Facebook password finding tools purely for nefarious reasons, such as installing malware into your computer and stealing your information. In fact, in a horribly ironic twist, the software could actually steal your Facebook password information. Ouch.

The people behind the app will know that many users – and not just High Schoolers – will want to gain access to other people’s accounts and pry into their hidden lives. Therefore the temptation for these people will overwhelm their ability to think rationally, and they will download an unknown piece of software onto their computers. This is always a bad idea.

Therefore aside from the ethical issues of trying to access other people’s Facebook accounts (we’re not here to judge), using any software that claims it can grab other users’ passwords is both lying to you, and probably trying to harm your computer.

Don’t download them, and make sure anyone else with access to your computer also knows better.


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