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Facebook Staff Infected with Malware – Are You Safe?

facebookIt’s a concern when anyone contracts a computer virus, but when developers working for the world’s biggest social network get infected, we all could be in serious trouble.

That is exactly what happened at Facebook’s HQ last month – although the company says that its users should be in no danger. In a blog post the social media giant reported that malware infiltrated some of its developers’ computers after they visited a website of a mobile developer who had also been infected.

If any of the infected developers had made changes to the website – – there was a chance that the malware could have slipped through and actually made it onto the Facebook webpage. Uh-oh.

If Facebook’s website hosted computer virus, there’s no telling how many thousands – or even millions – of people would be affected. Facebook also released information regarding the hack almost a month after the infection, which meant that if our data was compromised, we wouldn’t have heard about it quick enough to protect ourselves.

While Facebook was not the only company infected by this virus, it’s the one that causes the most concern. With over one billion users, the company has a huge number of people dependent on its services.

On a more positive note, the blog post discussing the attack provided more information about how Facebook’s security team operates. The site has a dedicated team (rather dully called Facebook Security), which tracks threats and monitors site infrastructure for attacks at all times.

It was Facebook Security who discovered the malware infection, after notching strange requests coming from an infected laptop. The team then identified the infected files, removed them from all of the computers inside their network and reported the exploit to Oracle, whose Java software had the issue. The team is now working with American authorities to help discover who the culprits are.

Unfortunately, these types of attacks are proving just how dependent we are on websites – and what kind of problems we might find if one of these attacks did get passed the security. Can you imagine if Facebook, Google or Twitter’s websites started serving malware to their visitors? That’s why supporting the anti-virus community is more important now than ever before.

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