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Get Your Computer Into Shape for the New Year

It’s time to put down the trainers and get your computer in shape instead. After all, only 90% of people who plan to get fit in the New Year carry their resolution into the second month. Instead, it’s much easier to get your Windows computer fighting fit with just a few simple tweaks.

1. Remove Viruses

This is a simple one. Viruses do bad things to your computer. And while they’re doing bad things, they slow your system down.

Get a virus checker as soon as possible and keep it up-to-date. Obviously, we recommend Norman, which comes with a complete suite internet security software. Make sure you set it run to regular checks to ensure that your computer is kept virus-free at all times.

2. Clean Your Desktop

There are two good reasons to clean your desktop: firstly, it makes it easier to find files, which speeds up your ability to use the computer. Secondly, your computer runs faster without files on your desktop. It’s such an easy fix, too.

3. Delete Unnecessary Files

After you’ve cleaned your desktop, it’s now time to get rid of any other files you don’t use. This is because the more empty space on your hard drive, the easier it is for your computer to save and retrieve files.

You can do this really easily by simply deleting any excess files you know about.

4. Uninstall Unused Software

Head to your Control Panel and click “Add/Remove Programs” to remove any software that you’re no longer using. Just like deleting unnecessary files, this gives your computer more space to work.

5. Automatically Put Your Files in Order

Your computer stores all your music, pictures and documents as 1s and 0s on the hard drive. After doing this for a long time, however, the 1s and 0s for files can become stored in inefficient ways. Running a process called “defragmenting” puts everything back in order, making it quicker to access files and boot up your system.

6. Stop Start-Up Items

This step is a little more complicated than the others, but it provides huge benefits. Lots of software that comes already installed on your computer – or software that you add later – sets a “start-up item”, which runs when the computer turns on. That means even if you don’t use that program, it will still take up some of your computer’s resources.

Norman offers a simple to use solution to get your PC running faster – System Speedup.


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