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Join the fight against malware today!

It’s easy to feel helpless against malware. You never know when it’s going to strike, and the best method for defending yourself is to install an anti-virus and hope for the best. But what if I told you there were ways to fight back? You too can join the battle against malware, by taking a few simple steps that don’t even interrupt your web browsing.

So how can you help? There are three main ways of becoming an antimalware vigilante:

1. Protect yourself

The Gandhi approach to fighting malware: peaceful resistance. By ensuring you’re as protected as possible, you’re much less likely to spread malware to friends over email or social networking.

It’s not that difficult to keep safe, either. Simply ensure that you have a decent internet security software installed and avoid going on high-risk websites, e.g. webpages that offer free movies or TV shows that you know you should really have to pay for.

2. Save the internet

Now that you’ve saved yourself, it’s time to protect the entire internet. You can’t do this alone, but by reporting any websites that you think might contain malware or other nasty scams, you join a team of people whose collective knowledge can stop criminals in their tracks.

The easiest way to report a malicious website is via Google’s tool, which will inform the search giant that the page could have something bad on it. Google will then combine this with other people’s reports, and if they find he website is malicious, will warn users of a potential danger when accessing the website.

If all of the two billion computer users in the world did this, there is no way that the small number of malicious website creators could compete.

The address to report unsafe websites to Google is:

3. Package up potential viruses

If you are quite tech-savvy – and you think you have an infected file – you can package it up and send it to us at Norman.

We’ll analyse it, and if it proves to be malicious, we’ll add it to our malware database, send out an update to our software and ensure that users are protected.

Submitting a piece of malware for evaluation is quite easy (finding a piece in the first place is the hard part!), simply fill in the form found on our malware submission page here:

So what do you think – are you ready for battle?


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