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New Malware Deletes Files and Swears at You

We all know that malware is bad, but did you know it can also be bad mannered? A new virus discovered earlier this month will delete your files, then explain its action with the following message: “because f*** you, that’s why.”

As if having your files deleted wasn’t bad enough, the message shows the contempt that the creators of malware have for their victims, and adds another reason why it’s important to stop them: to preserve good manners.

On a serious note, the virus itself is quite nasty (if not wide-spread). Once it has infected your computer, the malware will scan your PC for popular file types (like text files, pictures, word documents, etc.) and delete them all. It then replaces the files with the message above. Horrible.

Along with the document types listed above, the malware also targets files that programs require to run. This means it can break many of the computer programs installed on your computer. The only way to get them back is to reinstall them.

Why does it leave a message?

It’s atypical of malware-makers to leave messages for their victims, as they tend to want to avoid detection, rather than reveal that a computer has been infected. That means this malware is almost like a throwback to the old days of virus writing, when people made them to get noticed or cause disruption. Today, the majority of malware is created to allow the others to profit from stolen bank details or personal information.

Another recent piece of malware came with a message built-in, but its target audience was Microsoft security researchers, not average computers users. A note was hidden deep within the malware’s programming, praising the researchers efforts at discovering and disabling the criminal’s last attack.

Praise is always nice, but would you like it coming from a person who invades computers? Although the message was in Russian (which gave the researchers a clue to the criminal’s location), he was never found, and continued to write notes to Microsoft in his malware until he eventually stopped without being caught.

How to avoid bad-mannered malware attacks

If the bad-mannered virus listed above has attacked you, you’ll need to update your anti-virus software to the latest edition to eliminate the infection. As for your files – you’re out of luck. The only way to get them back is to restore them from a backup copy.

Remember: always keep a copy of your important files.


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