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No virus protection? You’re 5.5x more likely be infected

Microsoft’s s latest Security Intelligence Report – – had a lot to say on the subject of virus protection – including that you’re 5.5x more likely to be infected if you don’t have virus protection!

Couple this with the shocking statistic was that 25% of computers have inadequate anti-virus software, and you’ve got a big portion of computers where viruses could run rife. Scary.

That whole report went into a lot of detail, but we’ve grabbed the most interesting statistics for you to read below:

Keep away from Egypt’s PCs

Egypt’s PC had one of the highest malware infection rates in the world towards the end of 2012, with over 20 computers infected per 1,000 scanned. India and the Middle East also had between 10-15 infections per 1,000 computers scanned.

Upgrade to Windows 8

Only 0.8 per 1,000 Windows 8 computers scanned had viruses on them. Compare that to Windows XP, which had 11.3! Faring slightly better were Windows Vista and Windows 7, with 3.5 and 4.8 infections per 1,000 respectively.

SPAM works harder in the summer

SPAM (those irritating emails) peaked in August, November and December last year, showing that the SPAM robots don’t take the summer off. On average, however, the volume of the messages has dropped significantly since a peak in 2010. Now, 1 in 4 emails are delivered without being blocked – in 2010, it was just 1 in 33!

Software is getting safer

There’s been a decrease in security holes discovered in software, with infections in the first half of 2013 (1H13) down by 7.8% from the first half of 2012 (1H12). The even better news? The fall is due to a huge drop in “high-severity” vulnerabilities, which fell a massive 25.1%. Good job, developers!

The results continue a trend from 2009 that has seen a consistent fall in computer software security holes, which was only ruined by an increase at the end of 2012.

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One Response to No virus protection? You’re 5.5x more likely be infected

  1. Phil Morris says:

    i think the reason less virus’s are on windows 8 machines is that the “common user” has not started upgrading on mass quantities to windows 8. The majority of the windows 8 users are IT proffessionals that know how to avoid spammy websites

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