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Norman: Security Suite Pro Recommended by AV-Test

This blog typically discusses scary computer news, such as viruses and privacy concerns. For this post, however, we’ve got some great news to share: Norman’s Security Suite Pro software has been officially certified by AV-Test, an independent virus-checker testing service.

During January and February 2013, AV-Test ran tests on the protection, performance and usability of 26 home security products for Windows 8, including both paid-for and free software.

If a product performed well in all three categories – like Norman did – it was awarded the prestigious AV-Test certificate. This isn’t the first time Norman has been AV-Test recommended, however – we’ve held the certification for our Windows 7 performance since July 2011.

And in even better news for Norman users, the software showed exceptional performance in detecting malware discovered within the last four weeks. Norman successfully detected 100% of potential new infections in both January’s and February’s tests – putting it in joint-first place. Not missing a single piece of malware is a great result – especially when it’s above the industry average of 99%.

Norman’s other big achievement was avoiding false warnings or blockages when visiting websites. In a sample of 500 websites, Norman offered zero false warnings about websites being unsafe. This is critical, because false-positives mean users – like you – end up distrusting both the anti-virus software and perfectly legitimate websites that haven’t done anything wrong.


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