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One Week Following Internet Malware

Computer malware is a bad thing – everyone knows that. But we think of computer viruses are quite abstractly – we don’t really believe that our laptops will get infected.

But by looking at just one week’s worth of malware and privacy-related news, we can show you just how prevalent malware is becoming, and why you need to stay protected at all times.

Reading stories compiled from the last week in February show exactly why many analysts named 2013 as a potential “Year of Malware”. In less than seven days, all of the following have happened (links go to external websites):

I’m sorry about that – it’s pretty scary reading. The truth is, you can’t rely on websites to ensure your computers safety. With even employs at tech giants like Facebook, Apple and Microsoft contracting malware from browsing the web, how are those of us who are less experienced supposed to avoid viruses forever?

The answer is – you can’t. Browsing the web is like crossing a road – there’s always a risk, even if it’s tiny, of getting hit by a car. The reason we don’t all end up in hospital, however, is because we’re very well prepared each time we cross a road.

We need to take that same attitude towards browsing the internet – and just like looking both ways is important for road-crossing, having a reliable anti-virus tool is vital for exploring the internet in safety.

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