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Why you don’t backup your files – and why you should

With only six out of every 10 people backing up their computer files, what reason do the 40% give for not backing up their data? Only 11% said it was because it takes too much time or was too hard to do. The majority – 68% – said that it was because they felt no need to make copies of their files. Do you agree?

It’s a strange result, considering that the biggest computer concern for most users – 48% of people we asked – was losing their photos. Isn’t that weird? Nearly seven in every 10 people who don’t backup their data believe they have no reason to backup, but 48% of people are scared of losing their photos.

Think about your computer files – what would you lose if your computer broke without a backup?

The worst back-uppers: young people, the Dutch and women

Young people are often stereotyped as being reckless, and in terms of backing up their data, it could be true – especially if you’re from the Netherlands!

A recent study conducted by Norman showed that only 43% of Dutch citizens aged between 15 to 29 years old have backups of their data, compared to 62% of young Germans, 61% of Swiss and 58% of Norwegians.

In fact, across Europe nearly one in five members of this age group (17%) actually have no idea what backing up does, and don’t know why it would be important. Aside from the young, women also proved a high-risk group for backing up their data, with 24% of female respondents also having no idea how to make secure copies of their files.

Maybe this lack of information accounts for why people are scared of losing their photos, but don’t think they need to create backups.

How to back up your data

If you’ve suddenly decided you need to back-up your data, simply follow our tips below to ensure that your data is safe, whatever happens to your computer:

How to back-up your data at home:

  • Moves your files to at least two backup devices, so you are safe even if one breaks
  • Keep backups away from where you keep your PC. If the computer is stolen, it’s less likely that the thief will also grab the backup if it’s hidden somewhere else
  • Add password protection to the backup devices – this stops people finding your backup data and accessing it
  • Remember that physical storage devices don’t last forever. You should replace them every few years

If this sounds like a lot of work, there is another, easier, way: get someone else to backup your data for you. Using Norman’s (or another) cloud service, you can safely store your important information on computers many miles away. The benefits of cloud storage are:

Cloud backup benefits:

  • Backup in the cloud means that your data is stored many miles away, so you don’t have to worry about losing it if you are burgled
  • Your account is password-locked, so only you can access it
  • You can set-up automated backups, so you don’t have to think about the process.

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One Response to Why you don’t backup your files – and why you should

  1. diasy says:

    Thanks for the statistics as I got some usual facts about the Ducth and women. I agree that people do not want to back up until they get problems when it is too late.

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