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Worry Less About Your Phone, More About Your PC

It’s not a secret that, as smartphones get smarter, they’re also more likely to get infected with malware. If you follow any malware news (type “malware” in Google News for a quick look), you probably would have already drowned in scary warnings about criminals exploiting Android mobile phones.

The truth, however, is that we should still be more concerned about our PCs. About 200 times more concerned. A recent report from Cisco has shown that mobile malware may be up 2577% on last year’s levels (a figure that is very popular in the news right now), but it still accounts for just 0.42% of malicious encounters.

That means less than one in every 200 experiences with malware is on your mobile phone.

The other 99.5% of malware experiences are found on predominantly PCs, although there are an increasing number of encounters on the Mac operating system OSX.

The most typical encounter for the everyday PC user is malscript or iframes at 83.4%. These types of attacks often come in the form of malicious code displayed on websites you trust and visit frequently, which themselves have fallen victim of hacking. This method allows an attacker to compromise users without even raising their suspicion, because an unsuspecting website is distributing the malware for them.

Some of the scariest types of malware are thankfully the least encountered, with viruses that steal you information at 3.5 percent, and scareware and ransomware even lower.

Cisco are quick to note, however, that because their study blocked malware at its first point of content, often a lot of these infostealers, scareware and randsome were lumped into the malscript/iframe category, and in reality that could be a lot more encounters for these than reported.

To keep as safe as possible from malware, it’s vital to ensure that you have anti-virus protection (can I suggest Norman?) and that it is as up-to-date as possible. Choosing a package with added internet security options – the source of almost all malware last year – is also a wise choice.

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