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Cloud Storage: Good Idea or Not?

14Maarten_PrinsMaarten Prins, Marketing Communication Manager Benelux

- There are many storage options today: Hard drives, SSDs, USB sticks, NAS and cloud storage- but what’s best for you?

Cloud computing is the future and cloud storage, with all its powerful features, seems to be the most efficient form of storage. Both home users and companies are fully embracing this form of storage. Just take a look at the formidable success of solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Apple with its iCloud synchronization service. A user easily logs in, and up-/downloads their documents from any location to or from whatever device. Even sharing files and folders is easy via a simple link included in an email. As more and more employees bring their own devices to work, the demand for cloud services available from any device (PC, smart phone, tablet, laptop) is increasing and as costs are more predictable, cloud storage is a low-cost investment decision to make.

But yet, SMB’s are ignoring this cloud service, the results of a recent study by Exact ( shows. Eighty percent don’t use any cloud service at all and nearly one in three are still skeptical about cloud computing.

Lack of knowledge may lead to skepticism

Employees want to have cloud storage but SMB’s don’t. Should the employers and their IT departments take a more innovative approach? The cautious attitude of a company is often due to a lack of knowledge about whether privacy and security are sufficient in the cloud. The next question can often be heard: “Is cloud storage safe and is it possible for hackers or even for my own staff to run off with my data?”

Organizations are faced with certain risks due to cloud file sharing. These risks are usually restricted by company policies, but are these policies being followed strictly enough? Quite often I talk to employees of various organizations who know that certain risky tools are not allowed for use in the workplace, but they still use them. Strict bans are most seldom effective.

Employees don’t always follow company rules

If SMBs continue to ban the use of cloud storage, they may end up with employees still using these services, with no company control over the data or ensuring a secure storage space. Worst case, if an employee leaves, the company will no longer have access to his/her documents, even though these may be of importance to the company as they are tied to a personal account. What if there is sensitive data stored here?

Take back control: Give the users what they want and still enforce company rules

Wouldn’t it be better if the network administrator / IT manager has control over the account and thereby manages license, username and password? This way business rules can be enforced when implementing the solution. The data flow can be monitored and at the same time workers can continue to fully use the solution as it is desired. The company continues to maintain control over their corporate data which to me seems  like a win-win situation. Isn’t it better to offer your employees a safe alternative, instead of banning their currently (unsafe) tools?

If you don’t want your company data available for everyone to see, and you want to ensure that your data stays safe even after a hack, or loss or theft of a device, you should really take action now. The entrepreneur, who sees storage in the cloud as an opportunity, ensures his/her company a healthy and safe future. Spend time making a conscious choice and plan a safe and easy journey to a cloud solution today, taking back control over your data and ensuring your employees a secure way to work in the cloud.

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2 Responses to Cloud Storage: Good Idea or Not?

  1. Bjorn L says:

    Hi Maarten,
    But what do you recommend to solve this issue? Cryptography? Company Cloud Storage (not private)? Hybrid Cloud Storage (config local and storage public)? Interseting to hear from you.

    Kind regards,


    • Norman Norman says:

      Hi Bjorn,

      I recommend safe storage possibilities for example by Secured Cloud solutions which are controlled by companies IT department ensuring that the data stays within the company even if an employee leaves. As your data is stored within the European Economic Community (EEC), you are safeguarded under strict privacy laws. In this way the company has got control over their own confidential data and not an individual.
      Cryptography is often a very good method to ensure people that their data remains safe. This should be part of a good and safe cloud solution.
      Company Cloud Storage (not private) is just what you mentioned “not private”. Is your data stored within the US then immerse yourself in the USA Patriot Act and you will experience the non-private part. Please make sure your data is stored in a total secured environment. Use a product where IT is in control of the data.
      Hybrid Cloud storage (config local and storage public) is also a very good solution it adds an extra layer of security which enables you to retrieve a extra copy locally in case of minor emergencies.

      In general: Be aware of the dangers and provide a great support within your organization. Know where your data is stored safely.

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