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I have a Mac, do I need an antivirus?

mac computerApple Mac computers have traditionally been much safer than their Windows counterparts. This has given them a much better reputation when it comes to security.

However, with more and more users choosing to use Apple’s computers, they’re a growing target for malware writers. In fact, the Flashback trojan infected as many as 600,000 Mac systems in 2012.

This is a huge number, considering the company the sold around 18.1 million computers that year. That’s about one infection for every 30 Mac computers sold that year.

Obviously, as an anti-virus company, we’d highly recommend that you run anti-malware software on your Mac. But we don’t think that you should just take our word for it, so here are some extracts from two convincing articles:

Don’t be a bonehead: Run antivirus on your Mac, by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet, one of the world’s biggest and longest-running technology websites. He’s also a big fan of Mac computers, going as far as writing a guide to inform users how to switch from PCs to Apple computers.

In his guide, Adrian stated that Mac users should definitely run antivirus software on their Apple computer, and then wrote a lengthy explanation available here:

In an unflattering message for people who don’t think Apple computers need anti-virus software, Adrian wrote: “Choosing not to run antivirus on a Mac is a boneheaded move that people choose to make based on nothing more than fanboy idealism, and has no place in the real world. Doubly so if your Mac takes on BYOD duties”.

Do Macs get viruses? Why you DO need security software for your Mac, by Karen Haslam

Karen Haslam writes for Macworld UK, one of the most passionate Mac websites in the world. She points out that after February’s big SSL bug/Gotofail error (this let people snoop on your internet traffic if you were using an insecure internet connection, even though the connection would appear safe), Mac users need to be more aware of security concerns than ever before.

Karen states, “increasing numbers of Mac owners feel the need to install [anti-virus software] – so much so that in 2011 one of the biggest Mac malware infections was via a fake antivirus app called MacDefender”. Her message is two-fold: many people believe that anti-virus software for Macs are important, and that you shouldn’t download anti-virus software unless it comes from someone with a strong reputation.


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