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Introducing Norman Antivirus… on your Android phone!

norman_mobile_security_enAre you worried about the huge increase in Android malware, infecting mobile phones and prank calling your parents? Actually, your parents are probably safe – mobile phone malware tends to focus on stealing your bank details and passwords (sorry, that’s not very comforting).

Anyway, whether you’re worried about your bank details, private emails or secret SMS messages, you can worry a little less if you install Norman’s new Mobile Security software on your Android phone.

Norman? On my phone?Mobile-Security-Safe

Norman Mobile Security protects your phone from both internet-based and real-world threats through a variety of features that are vital for any smartphone user.

It’s been designed specifically with the mobile audience in mind, and as such really minimises battery consumption to ensure staying safe doesn’t require staying close to a power outlet.

Some of the biggest savings over a traditional antivirus are achieved by using cloud-based scanning – a feature called Norman Cloud. The Norman Cloud service automatically alerts you when you’re on a website that contains malware, phishing or aggressive adware, which means it protects your device even before it gets infected.

This is a great method for protecting mobile phones, because it means that the majority of the work is done on our computers, saving your phone’s precious battery life.

Of course, Norman Mobile Security also includes on-demand and on-installation scanning too, so you’re guarded even if you do accidentally install a malware-ridden app.

Mobile-Security-Privacy-ScoreNorman Mobile Security also includes a dedicated Privacy Advisor, which informs you what your apps are doing on your phone in the background. Many Android applications run in the background for totally legitimate reasons (to check for email, for example), but it’s also where malicious apps operate.

An easy way to detect whether an app wants to steal your information is to see if it runs in the background for no good reason. See something weird in the Privacy Advisor? Uninstall it!

The Anti-Theft offers real-world protection. It allows you to use a web-based dashboard or an SMS message to remotely locate, lock, wipe or send a message to your Android device. I’d advise starting with a “Hey, you found my phone! Please call ?????? for a reward!” text message, and if that doesn’t work, erase the phone.

To use Normal Mobile Security, you’ll need to be running at least Android 2.2 on your smartphone or tablet. This version (“Froyo”) is now three-and-a-half years old, so any Android device bought since 2011 should be compatible.

For more information, please visit Norman Mobile Security for Android

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