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Mac Users: Stay Safe with Norman Antivirus for OSX

appleWhen the Flashback malware infected over 600,000 Macs, Norman decided that it was about time OSX users got our help, too. Therefore we’ve created Norman Antivirus for Mac – so Apple devices can be kept as secure as PCs.

Typically, Apple Macs have a great reputation for being virus-free. But with a growing market share – nearly 8% of all computers are now Macs – criminals are increasingly targeting the systems with ever more complicated and cunning malware.

Part of the reason for this new Mac malware bloom is because for a long period, Macs were widely considered a “safer” computing platform. As a result, many Mac users got complacent and so don’t have an antivirus installed. This makes them a big target for anyone who can write successful Mac malware.

Introducing the solution

Norman Antivirus for Mac is an extremely fast, non-intrusive solution to this growing malware problem. Read on to find out what features will keep your Apple system safe:

•    Cloud-based, real time protection
By remotely connecting to the Norman computers in real time, the software is able identify threats and prevent access to malware without burdening your computer – or harming its battery life.

•    Low impact on Mac performance
Mac users love performance – its one of the reasons they bought a premium system. To reflect this, Norman Antivirus for Mac has such a small system footprint, and super-quick load times, that you won’t even notice it running.

•    Web Protection
Your surfing will also be kept safe through live scanning as you browse the web, warning you of both malicious and phishing websites that will try to scam you.

•    Protection, blocking and cleaning tools
Just like a typical antivirus, the antimalware engine protects, blocks and clears up any malicious files detected on your system.

•    Auto updates
You’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest protection without any effort on your part. It’s a seamless way to keep safe.

•    On demand scan
USB drives are kept secure through an on-demand scan. Anything plugged in to your computer will get checked for malware before it has a chance to harm your system

•    Notifications for Mac
Using OSX’s built-in notification centre, Norman Antivirus will keep you informed about what the software is doing on your computer, and when it needs your attention.

If that isn’t enough protection, Norman Antivirus for Mac also has a free optional add-on: Norman WebAdvisor.

Acting like a real-life internet assistant, the WebAdvisor offers superior protection against phishing attacks and malware, and gives real-time, in-feed feedback regarding potential malware in your search results, suspicious links on your Facebook wall and in your Twitter feed.

Norman Antivirus for Mac (and the WebAdvisor) require OS X Lion (10.7) or newer to run, as well as 1GB of RAM and 400 MB of hard disk space.

More information: Norman Antivirus for Mac

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