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56% of computers in UK at risk to malware!

malwareEarlier this year the British government announced that a huge 56% of computer users in Britain have under-protected computers.  Considering that the UK, like much of west and northern Europe, is a technologically advanced country, the report makes good reading for malware-writing criminals.

The survey showed that just 44% of British computer users installed adequate online protection – like Norman’s Internet Security software – on their new computers. And just 37% continued to download updates and patches for their software once installed.

The number of people who keep their smartphone and mobile devices up-to-date was even lower, with just 21% of iPhone and Android users continuing to update their apps once they’ve been installed.

Other statistics that suggest the British public are not taking cyber security as seriously as they should include the revelation that only 30% of users use complex passwords to protect their online accounts, while 57% do not always check website are secure before making a purchase.

So why don’t people take better care of themselves?

For those who didn’t install internet security software, nearly a third (32%) stated that they did not understand how to, while 18% said that they did not understand the risk. The answer? Better education!

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Obviously, those of you reading this probably don’t fall into either of those last two groups – you keep up-to-date with malware news here at Norman. But you’ll definitely know some people who aren’t as up-to-date as you are, and we urge you to point them in our direction.

The only way to increase everyone’s computer security is if more users know how to avoid potential exploits. If more people know how to avoid malware, the creators of malicious software would have less of an incentive to create it, and fewer and fewer people would be tempted to the criminal side of computer programming.

Less malware in circulation would mean there is a smaller chance that you’ll encounter it in the wild, so informing other people helps both them and you. Think of internet security education as a vaccination – the more people that have it, the safer everyone is.

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If you’ve been recommended this blog by a friend (and are a little overwhelmed by the statistics above), don’t worry!

Take a look through our archive of articles to learn a lot of important information to keep you safe online. Or just keep checking back every week for new articles about how to stay safe online.

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