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6 questions about online backups answered

BackupBefore computers, you never really had to “backup” anything. You photocopied documents, your made new prints of photos, you made copies of videos. In our digital age, however, if you want to make any files secure, you have to have a “backup”.

The best way to make these secure copies is to use an online backup service. These services keep a copy of your files away from your physical computer. ensuring that if anything bad happens at you location, your documents are safe.

But how exactly does it work? What are the limitations? Are the files safe? We’ve answered your questions below regarding Norman’s backup service.

1) How does online backup work?

Online backup works in two places – in your computer, and in data centres around the world.

The software on your computer allows you to easily choose what parts of your computer you want to backup – such as your Documents and Pictures folders. This software will then send all of your files to the data centre, and make updates every time you change your files.

The software talks to the data centre in the background while you’re working, so after you set it up, you’ll never need to make any changes. Your backup data will be kept seamlessly up-to-date. And if you accidentally override one of your files, the backup server will keep a copy of old versions for up to 30 days – very useful!

2) What are the limits of backing up files?

Online backup providers sell different types of backup solution to match your needs. It depends on the number of computers and devices you need to backup as well as on how much storage you need.

3) Are the files kept private?

All files are encrypted on your computer, which means they’re secure as they transfer from your computer to your backup solution . They’re also encrypted at data centres, so no-one working at the data centres can look into your files.

4) Do you backup your backups?

All information stored in the data centres is backed-up. Your data won’t get lost inside the data centre.

5) How easy is it to access my files?

It couldn’t be easier to access your files, as they’re stored in a similar way to files on your computer. However, because the files living are accessible from our servers, rather than directly from your computer, it can take time to download big files – such as movies – because of your internet connection speed.

6) What do I need to do to get online back-up set-up?

To start, you can try our 30-day free trial – available here:

Once you sign-up for the trial (available on both Windows and Mac computers), download the software and follow the simple instructions to setup your backup solution.

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