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Google’s Chrome browser improves safety notices

Google_ChromeWhether you’re running Norman Security Suite on your computer or not, it’s important to remember that anti-virus software isn’t the only way to protect your computer from security threats.

For example, keeping your other software up-to-date is a great way to close security holes and prevent malware from infecting your system. Not only that, but software updates also help prevent your computer from crashing.

Good anti-virus software is the single most important tool for avoiding malware, but another vital decision involves your choice of internet browser.

Browsers – the most popular being Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari – come with built-in security measures to help stop any dangerous stuff on the internet from infecting your system. Chrome, made by Google, puts a big emphasis on security, and as such has just been updated to better inform users about potential problems they might face.

Safe Browsing

Google has refreshed its warning messages for Chrome’s “Safe Browsing” feature, making it easier for users to understand why a website might be unsafe.

Safe Browsing works by comparing the address of the website you’re trying to visit with a massive database of websites that have been reported as “unsafe”.

Google adds pages to its security directory by running its own anti-virus scanner on millions of websites. If these scans discover any insecure content on a website, that page is added to the unsafe list.

Chrome’s new warning messages make it a lot more obvious that you’re visiting an insecure page. From now on, if you see a big red page with a giant X, you know the website you were going to visit was unsafe. Google also explains their issue with the page, stating either “the site ahead contains malware” or “phishing attack ahead”.

By making its warning messages so straightforward, it’s much easier for new computer users to understand that the internet can be dangerous, and that there are simple things we – as users – can do to look after our own safety. Not visiting dangerous websites is a big one.

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