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How to run a virus scan with your Norman Antivirus

Kristian Bognaes

Scanning your computer

Kristian A. Bognaes, Director, Norman Safeground Development Center

We are often asked about virus scanning, and how to use the Norman software to find viruses. As a PC user, you normally don’t have to worry about this. Once you have installed the Norman Security Suite, scanning for viruses happen in the background without anything showing on the screen. So how do you know that things are ok?

Check your PC is protected

The simplest way to verify that you have Security Suite installed is to look for the Norman icon. You will usually see the blue ‘N’ somewhere in your lower right corner of your desktop. Sometimes it is hidden, and you can look at it by clicking the ‘show hidden icons’ triangle as shown on the right. If you see the little ‘N’ and it does not have a yellow or red mark on it, everything is running and is ok. Your PC is protected and all files are automatically scanned for possible dangers.

Check your computer is malware free

Sometimes you may want that extra reassurance that all is ok. This is when the on-demand scanning functionality comes in handy. Most people use mainly their C drive so this is a good place to start. Simply right-click the C drive and select ‘Scan for viruses’ (as shown below). This will start a scan for virus.

scan your computer 1

If your antivirus finds a virus, it will try to repair the file infected. If this is not possible, this file will be deleted as shown below.

scan your computer 2

Advanced use

If you are an advanced user or have special scanning needs, the Norman Security Suite comes with a so-called ‘command line scanner’ (as shown below). This scanner can be used to run a scan with a specific set of parameters. It can be invoked from log-in scripts, batch files, or other management tools.

scan your computer 3

Another scanning tool that we recommend is the ‘screen saver’ scanner. This is a plug-in to the windows screen saver that will scan all your files when your PC is idle. By enabling this, all files will be scanned regularly while not interfering with your work. You can manage the screen saver scanner from the screen saver settings in the control panel.

Stay safe!

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