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Online Cloud backup services – your questions answered

Personal-BackupMaking an online backup of your data makes much more sense than using CDs or USB sticks for securely storing your data. We’ve answered some of the most common questions about backing up your information online, so you can see just how safe and easy it can be.

Why do I need to backup online?

There are many ways you can back up your data; burn it onto CDs, move it to USB sticks, buy a dedicated hard-drive backup solution or upload it to the internet.

Unfortunately, the first three methods mean that your data is stored in the same place as your computer, and therefore can fall victim to any issues that affect your household. Fire, flood, theft – all of these are real issues that could destroy your backups if they live inside your household.

Online backups, however, are stored on multiple servers away from your home, so whatever happens to your house, your data is safely stored elsewhere.

The other drawback of these physical back-ups is that they require effort to maintain. If you’re backing up your data on USB or CD, you have to remember to copy your information across. With online backups, the process happens automatically, so you needn’t worry about ensuring that your backups are up-to-date.

How reliable is online storage?

Online backup is the safest and most reliable way to store your data. While USB keys get lost easily, CDs get scratched and hard drives fail, Online Backup presents the optimal reliability.
The data is sent to your providers systems, who then store it on multiple computers. This means that there have to be multiple failures for your data to be lost.

In essence, online backups are like having multiple CDs with the same data, stored separately at your friends’ houses.

How private is my information?

All reputable online backup providers (such as Norman) encrypt your information as it is sent to their computers, so no-one at the storage company can snoop on your data.

This means that your information is kept private, and can’t be looked at by an IT technician.

Will storing online affect my computers performance?

It does take some of your computer’s power to transmit an online backup, but no more so than when using any other backup system. The difference is that online backups will also use your internet connection, so you may experience a slower browsing experience while your computer is sending a backup.

For most users, this won’t be noticeable, but for heavy-duty internet browsers, you might want to synchronise backups when you’re not at your computer.

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