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Quicks Tips for Safe Internet Browsing

HackingThe internet can be a scary place, with literally millions of traps waiting to spring on unsuspecting users. Just like in the real world, there’s no way to guarantee you’ll be safe from all threats, all the time. However, by knowing a few safety tips (like looking both ways before crossing a road) you can really improve your chances of browsing safely.

Websites to watch out for

Unfortunately for internet users, malicious software (malware) that can harm your computer exists everywhere on the internet. You can’t just “avoid” the bad sections.

There are some types of website more associated with malware and other internet nasties than others, but these stereotypes are proving increasingly inaccurate.

Traditionally, web users are told to be vigilant about adult and file sharing websites as potential hotbeds for malware infections. Newer research, however, suggests that blogs are the most infected type of website, with almost 20% of all infections coming from them.

With web hosting, business and economy and shopping sites making up the rest of the top four most-infectious pages, it’s obvious that just avoiding dangerous websites is not the best way to stay safe online.

The best option is to pay attention to what a website is trying to do – if it asks you to download something, to run a Java applet or starts bombarding you with pop-ups, it’s generally better to avoid going there again. These are all telltale signs that the website could be trying to infect your computer.

Software to be suspicious of

Any website that invites you to download software could potentially be trying to infect your system. However, there are some websites – like and – that through their good reputation are very unlikely to host malware.

The real issue is software downloaded from smaller websites, which anyone could have created them in an attempt to trick you into downloading their malware.

If you’re going to download a file from a website, do a quick Google search to see what their reputation is like.

Understand the importance of updates

Think of updating your computer like serving your car – if you don’t do it, you’re much more vulnerable if something goes wrong. Updates don’t remove malware, but they do fix problems with the software that malware writers can exploit.

Always keep your computer up-to-date.

Stay safe with the Norman security suite

The absolute best way to stay safe on the internet is to have some form of anti-virus software running on your computer (obviously we’d recommend Norman).

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One Response to Quicks Tips for Safe Internet Browsing

  1. james says:

    Even lot of google search algorithm updates still safe search is a questionable one in googel. I think your tips may be worthy for quick safe search.

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