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Two tips for a safer Android smartphone

android-malwareAlmost all of the mobile phone malware in existence is designed to exploit Android smartphones. In fact, some studies say that 97% of all mobile malware runs on Android devices. It’s a scary number – one that makes good headlines – but does it mean that Android phones and tablets are unsafe?

The short answer is no, because there are two simple things you can do to prevent your Android phone/tablet from vulnerabilities:

Only download apps from the Google Play store

Android phones allow you to download any Android-compatible software onto your device, from any source. This means that it’s possible for Android users to download apps from unofficial sources – a function not available on other smartphones. Apps from these sources aren’t scanned for viruses by Google, which means they’re more likely to be infected.

In fact, of the malware infections reported on Android, 99.9% came from this type of third-party installation.

This won’t be a problem for most Android users, as the option to allow third-party installs comes turned off by default on Android devices. Google is actively fighting any malware that goes through the official Google Play store – and they’re clearly doing well, as just 0.1% of infections come from the store itself.

Unfortunately, a lot of the malware comes hidden inside pirated apps, so ambitious users who don’t want to pay for software will be easily tempted – and infected – by them.

If you’re planning on installing third-party software to get illegal games, you really have to ask yourself: is saving a few euros worth the risk?

Download a decent anti-virus for Android

By not allowing your phone to install third-party apps, you’ve removed 99.9% of viruses. To target the final 0.1%, you’ll definitely need some help. Enter Norman Mobile Security. The new Android anti-virus features on-demand and on-install scanning to guarantee any installed apps are free from known malware. It’s difficult to get much safer.

The app – which features a 30-day free trial – also comes with a host of other useful features, including a web security service that alerts you when browsing webpages that contain malware, phishing or fraudulent content, a Privacy Advisor which gives detailed information about what your apps are doing and anti-theft functionality, to track, message, remotely lock and wipe your missing mobile.

While you can never be 100% safe, using these two tips will mean you are at least 99.9% safe.

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