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Gmail scam fooling thousands – what to watch out for


We all put a lot of trust in Google. Nearly 72% of us use Google as our search engine, while around 35% of email accounts and 79% of smartphones come from the American internet giant. Therefore it’s no surprise that criminals are attempting to impersonate the company in an attempt … Read More

Two tips for a safer Android smartphone


Almost all of the mobile phone malware in existence is designed to exploit Android smartphones. In fact, some studies say that 97% of all mobile malware runs on Android devices. It’s a scary number – one that makes good headlines – but does it mean that Android phones and tablets … Read More

Mac vulnerabilities: what can bruise your Apple?


In the seven years that I’ve owned an Apple Macbook, I’ve managed to avoid malware by keeping my computer up-to-date and by developing good internet browsing habits. Despite this success, however, I’ve not been immune from every threat – in fact, I’ve been the victim of a €500 internet fraud … Read More

In the news: The internet of things

Kristian Bognaes

In the News – March 2014 Kristian A. Bognaes, Director, Norman Safeground Development Center – Something that we keep hearing more and more frequently is the term ‘internet of things’. I have earlier covered some curious cases of alleged spying through water boilers and refrigerators. One case mentioned in the … Read More

Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Internet Explorer Hacked


In March all four major internet browsers – Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer – were successfully exploited by hackers. No, this wasn’t a terrible day for the internet, but a great day for contestants of Pwn2Own, one of the world’s biggest hacking events. Competitors at … Read More

Mac Users: Stay Safe with Norman Antivirus for OSX


When the Flashback malware infected over 600,000 Macs, Norman decided that it was about time OSX users got our help, too. Therefore we’ve created Norman Antivirus for Mac – so Apple devices can be kept as secure as PCs. Typically, Apple Macs have a great reputation for being virus-free. But … Read More

The human factor


Bjørn Lilleeng, Technical Integration Manager – On December 18. 2013, Target, the second largest discount retailer company in USA, reported that they were investigating a major data breach potentially involving millions of customer credit card records. Additional details were reported over the next weeks, and on January 10. 2014, Target … Read More

Introducing Norman Antivirus… on your Android phone!


Are you worried about the huge increase in Android malware, infecting mobile phones and prank calling your parents? Actually, your parents are probably safe – mobile phone malware tends to focus on stealing your bank details and passwords (sorry, that’s not very comforting). Anyway, whether you’re worried about your bank … Read More

Be wary of Bitcoin: a sad story


Bitcoin – an online currency – has been getting a lot of media exposure recently – and not much of it has been good. Despite the benefits that a universal, digital-only currency can bring, there have been some big security setbacks in the past few months regarding Bitcoin’s biggest exchange. … Read More

56% of computers in UK at risk to malware!


Earlier this year the British government announced that a huge 56% of computer users in Britain have under-protected computers.  Considering that the UK, like much of west and northern Europe, is a technologically advanced country, the report makes good reading for malware-writing criminals. The survey showed that just 44% of … Read More


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