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In the news – car hacking, plane hacking and exploitable UEFI BIOS

Kristian Bognaes

In the News – August 2014 Kristian A. Bognaes, Director, Norman Safeground Development Center – I promised you some information from BlackHat in my previous entry – particularly concerning the possibility to infect and abuse automotive computer systems. That is one of my items this month. Cars and hacking The … Read More

What does Android malware do, and what should I look out for?


Everyone knows that malware is bad, and that it can do bad things to your computer and mobile phone. Most users, however, are unsure of the consequences of infections. This means they underestimated the dangers and don’t know how to spot symptoms of an infection. We’ve put together a list … Read More

Securing your browser: Safari


Apple Mac users will be much more familiar with Safari – an internet browser – than Windows users. It’s the default option for getting on the internet on Apple computers, and therefore every Mac user has opened it at least once (I used it to download Chrome!). It’s generally considered … Read More

Are there safe alternatives to Google Play on Android?


If you have an Android mobile phone, you’ll want apps. From abacuses to zoology textbooks, there are over a million applications available for your smartphone, guaranteeing that at least a few of them will cater to your interests. However, just like on a computer, installing new software to your phone … Read More

Cryptolocker cure shows prevention is the best solution


For those of you who missed our previous articles about Cryptolocker, it’s a nasty virus that can permanently prevent you from accessing your files – unless you paid the criminal’s behind the malware a huge ransom. Since then – when we explained it was impossible to get your files back … Read More

Windows XP is unsafe: how to upgrade

Windows xp

The long-running Windows XP operating system came to the end of its lifespan in April, when Microsoft stopped updating the software after 13 years of service. Unlike an old DVD player, however, continuing to use an out-of-date computer could put you at risk of a security breach. What’s the problem … Read More

I have a Mac, do I need an antivirus?

mac computer

Apple Mac computers have traditionally been much safer than their Windows counterparts. This has given them a much better reputation when it comes to security. However, with more and more users choosing to use Apple’s computers, they’re a growing target for malware writers. In fact, the Flashback trojan infected as … Read More

Google’s Chrome browser improves safety notices


Whether you’re running Norman Security Suite on your computer or not, it’s important to remember that anti-virus software isn’t the only way to protect your computer from security threats. For example, keeping your other software up-to-date is a great way to close security holes and prevent malware from infecting your … Read More

Securing your browser: Firefox


A few weeks ago we looked at what a browser was, and if you are Internet Explorer, how to make it more secure: This week we’ve turned our attention to Firefox users, with just two simple tips to help secure a well-defended browser. The non-profit corporation Mozilla created Firefox … Read More

In the News – wifi light bulb and car anti-malware

Kristian Bognaes

In the News – July 2014 Kristian A. Bognaes, Director, Norman Safeground Development Center – One would think that as the summer heat is upon us, things would quiet down a little in the computer security field. Not so – as it turns out, it is business as usual. The … Read More


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