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Give people the gift of online security this Christmas

Christmans present

Tiny Tim runs downstairs, throws himself at the Christmas tree and rips the packaging from his first present. Looking down at his new possession, his eyes light up: it’s antivirus software! We’d like people to ask for Norman’s Security Suite for Christmas, but in reality, it seems an unlikely gift. … Read More

Dangers of not changing the default password revealed in webcam exposé


The danger of not changing the default passwords on digital equipment is finally hitting home, after a hacker published the video streams of over 100,000 webcams onto the internet. From baby monitors to in-store security cameras, anyone who had purchased an online webcam with remote viewing capabilities was at risk. … Read More

How to set a password to protect computer/phone


Have you set a password on your PC? If so – great! Your computer is now much, much safer than 35% of the population. If you haven’t, however, check out our last article “Why you need to lock your computer” to understand why adding a password to your PC is … Read More

Syrian Hackers remind us to stay safe online


The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) hacked an internet service in November, allowing the group to redirect users away from, or post messages to many high-profile websites, including the Telegraph newspaper, OK magazine and the Evening Standard. Together, the websites get tens of million visitors per month. Malware threat Although the … Read More

Why you need to lock your computer


Do you lock your front door? Your car? For most people, the answer is obviously yes. But what about your computer? A recent study reported that some 47% of laptop users don’t set any kind of lock on their portable computer, preferring the convenience of instant-access to the total security … Read More

Malware now infecting users from popular website


Halloween may be behind us, but there’s still one major scare left this year: a malware that’s been infecting users from legitimate websites like Yahoo and AOL. Popular – but misguided – wisdom concerning computer viruses often suggests that your computer will only be infected by malware if you’ve been … Read More

How to safely bank online

online banking

The internet can be a dangerous place, so it’s understandable that many people like to keep their bank details safe by never banking online. However, for most of us, banking online can be quick, efficient and still be secure – as long as you know what you’re doing. If you’re … Read More

How to detect if a website is trying to steal your data


One of the best ways for criminals to steal your information on the internet isn’t by creating a complicated computer virus that outsmarts internet security professionals but by tricking users into simply handing over their information. This criminal activity is known as “phishing”. Typically, criminals will spoof an official website … Read More

Why websites will never ask for your password


If you’ve got an email account, you might occasionally come across messages asking for you to “confirm your password” for an online service. These emails should always be ignored, and you should never click on links inside them. Read on to find out why. It’s typically criminals who send these … Read More

How to tell whether a website is secure or not


We’ve said it before, but we’ll never stop repeating the message: when you’re browsing the web it’s important to know that your information is secure. The real talent, however, is knowing how to tell when a website is safe to use. One of the best methods for understanding whether your … Read More


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