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Norman’s Security Exposed Blog offers information about general security topics. This blog provides insight into security issues in a way that does not require the readers to have extensive technical knowledge. The Security Exposed Blog’s contributors are experts from different parts of Norman’s organization.

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SCADA Environments Lack Sufficient Information Security

The technicians at a local chemical manufacturing plant have discovered that a virus has disabled their temperature monitoring controls. Although they are unsure of when the virus compromised the systems, they do know several vats are overheating. Alarms are signaling that an immediate evacuation is required. The warning isn’t limited … Read More

How To Manage Security Threats Related To Employee Behavior

Humans, sometimes referred to as wetware by security insiders, are a major source of enterprise security vulnerabilities. Cyber criminals regularly target employees and temporary workers with malware and social engineering attacks to breach security defenses and gain access to private information. You might assume that as technology savvy twenty-somethings fill … Read More

How To Minimize The Risk Of Indirect Attacks

Life isn’t fair and neither is security. You follow best practices. You have well defined policies for data protection. All of your endpoints are secure. You can go ahead and take those extra vacation days you rolled over last year, right? Not a chance. Even if you have done everything … Read More

Is You Data Security Disappearing Into the Clouds?

Personal cloud services are popping up like spring weeds. Services like DropBox,, iCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive and soon Windows 8 (via SkyDrive) entice users with promises of free storage and accessibility from everywhere on every device, and utilization of these services is continuing to expand. According to Forrester, personal … Read More

Data Deleted, but Not Forgotten

Storage devices keep getting larger. Business computers with hard disks of 500 gigabytes or even one terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) are now common. Companies use these devices for years, each day amassing huge stores of private details from email to corporate processes and customer information. Organizations often expend significant time, money … Read More

Can Your SMB Recover from a Security Disaster?

Mentions of disaster recovery (DR) to IT and business leadership at many small and medium organizations are often met with sighs and groans. Research by Freeform Dynamics found that more than half of small and a fifth of medium European businesses do not have a formal disaster recovery plan. US-based … Read More

Security Software Does Not Equal Security Goals

Last year’s chaotic security environment has many technology leaders scrambling to evaluate their security strategy in the New Year. Nobody wants to become breaking news due to a security failure, but it is impossible to protect and prevent everything. There are simply too many assets, vulnerabilities and threats to ensure … Read More

5 Steps For Data Breach Survival

Last week, online shoe retailer Zappos experienced a massive data breach that exposed the personal information of 24 million of its customers. The incident was just the latest high profile example of a company falling victim to digital attackers. Although data breaches at big companies make news headlines, a company … Read More

Typosquatting and Doppelgangers Pose Danger to Enterprises

Almost everyone occasionally mistypes a web address. Transposing a letter or forgetting that ‘I’ comes before ‘e’ except after ‘c’, can have implications beyond losing a few seconds to retyping. Online scammers are taking full advantage of users’ common typing mistakes with typosquatting – creating malicious websites with domains almost … Read More

Did You Think Email Is Threat Free? Think Again

At the end of every year, vendors and researchers recap the previous year’s security environment and make predictions on what will happen in the next 12 months.  The end of 2011 was no different. Countless industry magazines, blogs and white papers proclaimed the rise of social media as “the” new … Read More


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