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Preparing for the unknown


Bjørn Lilleeng, Technical Integration Manager – Security is mentioned as one of the real advantages when using Cloud technology. Old fashioned Enterprise systems often consist of a range of systems built over a long period of time. These systems have varying degrees of integration, and can have components built during … Read More

What are the worst passwords?


We’ve said it once or twice before (okay, maybe we’ve said it lots of times before), but it’s so important to always use strong passwords on your accounts. Despite our nagging, internet users still have some very bad habits when it comes to password use. How bad? Let’s have a … Read More

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What does hacked information look like? Adobe edition


When a criminal hacks a business’s website, the company typically asks users to change their passwords and then pleads with customers to keep using their services. But – as customers – we’re never entirely sure what information of ours has been exposed. However, when Adobe, the company behind the Photoshop … Read More

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