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Buyer Purchasing Car with PayPal Scam

Selling a car is not the easiest thing to do, especially trying to get the price you want. With websites to buy and sell cars the standard these days, it is always nice to get immediate interest and best when you get a buyer within a few days of posting. … Read More

Ford goes open source – may result in 2 ton bricks

Ford is making a lot of noise lately with their cloud connected concept cars. Just the other day, they added to that noise with a press release announcing their partnership with Bug Labs. “joint development project to research, develop and distribute open-source developer tools to advance in-car connectivity innovation” They … Read More

Ford `syncs´ to the cloud

Ford has released some information describing their latest concept car – Evos. Yes, the design is great and seemingly has inherited some design cues from Aston Martin which definitely is not a bad thing.

Your car is telling on you

In the beginning there was a car… and it was “dumb”. Now there are a lot of cars and those cars have on-board computers, GPS navigation, blue tooth, hard drives, internet access… some can parallel park themselves and some can even drive themselves.   All of this on-board technology is … Read More

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