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Back to School: Computer Security to Teach your Children

It’s back-to-school time, and while many parents will be worrying about stationary and uniform, there’s one aspect of school life we shouldn’t forget to brief our children about: computer safety. Most parents are well-aware that children can scuff their shoes and lose their pencils, but they’re not prepared for the … Read More

How To Ensure The Online Safety Of Your Children

From teaching them how to cross the road to talking about sex, we take big precautions to protect our children from the dangers of the real world. But what about the virtual one? If us adults need to be reminded to keep our online security up-to-date, how are our children … Read More

Norman Supports Education and Safety of Primary School Children

The internet is fast becoming the new playground for many children. The ability to share pictures, play games, research homework and send messages instantly without leaving your chair has mass appeal. However, as in real life, the playground can be a scary place and we need to educate children on … Read More

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