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Damage Caused by Internet Banking Fraud Quintuples… What’s Next?

It is not a surprise, more and more people are banking online and thus cybercriminals move more and more into that region. Banking fraud on the internet is not new. It has been existing for a few years and with different variants of the Zeus Banking Trojan, many people became … Read More

Fake Security Program… for Android

Earlier this week I wrote about the malicious Android apps that Google had removed from users’ devices. As another part of Google’s cleaning-up procedures, the company pushed a security application to the affected devices, to revert the actions performed by the malware. The technique used by this security app – … Read More

Google Uses ‘the kill switch’ to Remove Downloaded Malware

In Norman’s yearly summary of security incidents, we also attempt to look into our crystal ball to predict what will happen in the year to come. One of the forecasts made in our 2010 summary was: More widespread malware for handheld devices will emerge. Several examples in the first two … Read More

Domain Name Scam Relived: AsiaGov

Two years ago a wrote a series of blogs on Domain Name Scammers trying to sell Norman domains we did not want and were “claimed” by “unknown” people. But if we reacted promptly, although they use a first come, first serve principle, they “generously” would allow us the domains. You … Read More

Kindly Check the Attached VALENTINE’S CARD Coming from Me

There are some (media) events, which inevitably inspire cybercriminals, for example: celebrity news disasters holidays / annual events The two former are difficult for the cybercriminals to prepare for in advance (at least in detail), while events of the latter type return regularly. Cybercriminals therefore have the time and thereby … Read More

A More Secure Facebook

A few months ago Norman published a security article about the tool Firesheep, an extension to Firefox, which enabled taking over another user’s unsecured session with a web site. Social networks like Facebook etc. were particularly focused upon, due to the personal information often posted to and available in these … Read More

A Letter from a New Friend

The other day I got this email with the subject HELLO FRIEND: From T Mohamed Kindly view attach message for details. Very important…. Thank you The email had the file Confidential Letter.txt as an attachment. It turned out that my new friend “T” is kind enough to make an introduction … Read More

Identity Sharing… Multi-component Phishing Attempt?

I am going to Turkey. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! I won!!!! But eh… Wait a minute? I did not even know I participated in a lottery!?!?! How it all started… As I own some domains, I can create almost an infinite number of e-mail addresses. And I regularly do so. Every … Read More

Be Sensitive with Submitting Your Data While being Online!

Yesterday it just happened. The external speaker of my HTC HD2 phone stopped working. Not the worst problem, the phone kept working, except it is if the phone is on silent-mode all the time and you don’t hear any calls coming in. That means it will be very quiet, but … Read More

Shocking Footage of the Stockholm Terrorist Bomb Attack

If you got here because you are a regular follower of the Norman Blogs, Norman Security Advisories or any of the Norman Social Networking Links, of course you are not to blame. It is sensible to stay educated. If you got here otherwise as you are a sensationalist, boy-oh-boy… You … Read More

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