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Malware now infecting users from popular website


Halloween may be behind us, but there’s still one major scare left this year: a malware that’s been infecting users from legitimate websites like Yahoo and AOL. Popular – but misguided – wisdom concerning computer viruses often suggests that your computer will only be infected by malware if you’ve been … Read More

Urgent Alert: Increasing Cryptolocker Traffic


AppRiver is currently seeing a lot of malicious email traffic containing the Cryptolocker malware that can encrypt your business’s data. The bulk of this traffic is coming through trusted free file share programs disguised as voicemail messages or faxes. AppRiver is blocking all known variants of this traffic but the … Read More

Should you turn off Javascript to protect your computer?


Most internet browsers have something called “Javascript” turned on by default. It’s a powerful programming language that lets websites do interactive and interesting things on your computer, and generally makes the internet much better. For example, Gmail uses Javascript to let you control your inbox using keyboard shortcuts. However, because … Read More

Why do I need an anti-virus?


When viruses infect humans, our bodies react by showing symptoms. It’s these headaches or snotty noses that then encourage us to go to the doctors and get cured, which also stop us from infecting our friends and family. Unfortunately, computer viruses are built to be sneakier than real-world ones. Digital … Read More

Anti-Malware more important than ever

Kristian Bognaes

Kristian A. Bognaes, Director, Norman Safeground Development Center – Lately, there has been some press coverage on how anti-malware software is supposedly becoming less important. This had me a bit puzzled, and I decided to look into the background for these claims a bit more closely. It seems clear to … Read More

Beware malware myths involving Malaysia Flight MH370


The world is starting to get some answers about the fate of Malaysia Flight MH370, but we all still need to be on the lookout for fake news concerning the airplane’s fate. There are a huge number of emails promising news regarding the airplane, but are actually nothing more than … Read More

Massive malware infection sends SPAM skyrocketing


Did you know that malicious software isn’t just created to infect personal computers? In fact, a large portion of all malware is designed to attack servers, the computers that control networks around the world (including the internet). Don’t relax, however, as this still has a big impact on your computing. … Read More

56% of computers in UK at risk to malware!


Earlier this year the British government announced that a huge 56% of computer users in Britain have under-protected computers.  Considering that the UK, like much of west and northern Europe, is a technologically advanced country, the report makes good reading for malware-writing criminals. The survey showed that just 44% of … Read More

February 2014: most high-profile hacks ever?


We predicted that 2014 would see more hacks and malware infections than previous years, but perhaps we underestimated just how many high-profile exploits would hit the headlines in such a short period. From students hacking their schools to huge university data leaks, exploits in casinos to supermarket clubcards, and from … Read More

New Malware Infects PC, Mac & Linux


It’s not often that a piece of malware targets all three major operating systems – Windows, Mac OSX and Linux – at once, but one audacious virus has tried just that. This malware uses Java – a piece of software found on most computers – as a Launchpad to infect … Read More

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