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OS’s and the evolution of malware

Kristian Bognaes

Kristian A. Bognaes, Director, Norman Safeground Development Center – One often gets the impression that the early operating systems available to computer users did not contain any security measures to protect against data theft and malware. The picture is a bit more nuanced, as I will show in this article. … Read More

Malware infections “staying the same” say security experts


A new survey of computer security professionals has revealed that the amount of malware threats reaching users has stayed the same over the past year, and that users are more likely to be infected by surfing the internet than downloading attachments to emails. The survey questioned computer experts from many … Read More

Visited Yahoo recently? You may have malware!


Web giant Yahoo! (most famous for its search engine at experienced a notable security breach earlier this year when its advertising network ( was hacked. The resulting chaos meant that roughly 300,000 visitors per hour were exposed to malicious content, with around 9% of those (27,000) thought to have … Read More

Security Trends from 2013 and how to stay secure in 2014


Arne Uppheim, Chief Technology Officer Have a Safe New Year! As we enter into the new year, let’s recap some of the important security issues and trends from 2013 and what this means for you and how you can stay safe in 2014. And how we can help you. Privacy and … Read More

Teenager trouble: three separate teenage arrests in one month


Teenagers: smart enough to hack, silly enough to make terrible life decisions. That’s certainly the case with these three teenagers from around the world, who have all been arrested for hacking within the last month. Who are these digital teenage troublemakers, and what can we learn about digital security from … Read More

Malware locks your files, then charges for the password


Malware can do nasty things to your computer, but the worst scenario is when you lose access to your important files. After all, there is no way to replace the memorable photos or important videos stored on your computer. One piece of malware understands how important our files are to … Read More

Good or bad news, it doesn’t matter to malware

Malware writers have launched two new attention-grabbing campaigns in the last few weeks, both of which are aimed at spreading computer viruses to the unlucky people who don’t recognise the signs of a malware-decoy. One of the methods appeals to a certain audience’s sense of hopefulness, offering a leaked version … Read More

Join the fight against malware today!

It’s easy to feel helpless against malware. You never know when it’s going to strike, and the best method for defending yourself is to install an anti-virus and hope for the best. But what if I told you there were ways to fight back? You too can join the battle … Read More


New Malware Deletes Files and Swears at You

We all know that malware is bad, but did you know it can also be bad mannered? A new virus discovered earlier this month will delete your files, then explain its action with the following message: “because f*** you, that’s why.” As if having your files deleted wasn’t bad enough, … Read More


What are malware, trojans, viruses and worms? Computer infections explained

If you’re new to the world of computer security, you might find a lot of the terminology both obscure and alienating: malware, trojans, viruses and worms. What do they all mean? Unfortunately, they all mean one thing: your computer isn’t completely safe. While knowing what each of these mean won’t … Read More

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