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666.624 IPv4 Addresses Sold for $7.5M to Microsoft

Don’t you love it when your predictions come true… On 3 February 2011 I wrote a blog item “IPcalypse happened: Will the Internet collapse? For $ale, my IPv4 number!!!” In that blog I wrote “Another curious effect we may see is people offering their IPv4 numbers for $ale on e.g. … Read More


.XXX Top Level Domain Approved

My blog item 29 June last year, was titled Red Light District on the Internet. This was about the fact that The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), had taken a major step in allowing .XXX as a sponsored top level domain (sTLD). This top level domain was … Read More

Damage Caused by Internet Banking Fraud Quintuples… What’s Next?

It is not a surprise, more and more people are banking online and thus cybercriminals move more and more into that region. Banking fraud on the internet is not new. It has been existing for a few years and with different variants of the Zeus Banking Trojan, many people became … Read More

Fake Security Program… for Android

Earlier this week I wrote about the malicious Android apps that Google had removed from users’ devices. As another part of Google’s cleaning-up procedures, the company pushed a security application to the affected devices, to revert the actions performed by the malware. The technique used by this security app – … Read More

Google Uses ‘the kill switch’ to Remove Downloaded Malware

In Norman’s yearly summary of security incidents, we also attempt to look into our crystal ball to predict what will happen in the year to come. One of the forecasts made in our 2010 summary was: More widespread malware for handheld devices will emerge. Several examples in the first two … Read More

Random or Personal Google Ads? Your Choice!

A few weeks ago, Norman published a security article about whether personalized web advertisements are good or bad. Several proposals for opting-out of personalized advertisements were discussed. Google is one of the really big players in the advertisements market, and it should not come as any surprise that Google has … Read More

Domain Name Scam Relived: AsiaGov

Two years ago a wrote a series of blogs on Domain Name Scammers trying to sell Norman domains we did not want and were “claimed” by “unknown” people. But if we reacted promptly, although they use a first come, first serve principle, they “generously” would allow us the domains. You … Read More

IPcalypse Happened: Will the Internet Collapse? For $ale, my IPv4 Number!!!

As I mentioned in my blog from 16 January “IPv4: IPcalypse“, the available number of IPv4 addresses was reaching zero. That has happened, IANA Central Registry of IPv4 addreses is exhausted. Not on the predicted 11 February 2011, but 8 days earlier, today, 3 February 2011. It will be a … Read More

Forum Spam, a First-hand Experience!!!

Besides working for Norman, I also act as the president of AMTSO, the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization. And of course Norman is also a member of AMTSO. If you like to know what AMTSO is all about, please go here… AMTSO is a non-profit organization and therefore we do as … Read More

IPv4: IPcalypse

For some time I follow the countdown of allocatable IP4 addresses. As you may have heard before for some years, IP4 will come to an end when there are no more IP4 addresses to be allocated. The IPv4 scheme provides for roughly 4 billion addresses. Convenient ways to follow the … Read More

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