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How To Ensure The Online Safety Of Your Children

From teaching them how to cross the road to talking about sex, we take big precautions to protect our children from the dangers of the real world. But what about the virtual one? If us adults need to be reminded to keep our online security up-to-date, how are our children … Read More

Megaupload Shutdown Has A Silver Lining

There was mega news in the file-sharing world last week as Megaupload was shutdown by the FBI for infringing copyright. This is good news for the entertainment industry, but what about us? Well, the raid might have actually improved our computer security. Ruled by Mr. Dotcom, the Megaupload empire spanned … Read More

I Know What You Downloaded

Ok, so I don’t know, but your neighbour can find out. Or your spouse. Or boss. If you haven’t heard of torrents, you’ve probably never illegally downloaded any movies or music from the internet. If frequently use torrent websites, however, you could be jeopardising both your computer’s security and risking … Read More

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